The Night I Finally Understood Twitter.

I was stubborn yesterday. I didn't want to go to bed. Brian said he was tired, and headed off to bed at our normal time. And me, in my stubborness, decided that NO. I was NOT going to bed. I'm just going to stay up. Because I can.

So I did. Edited pictures. Caught up on this season's "Parenthood" (which, for the record, I started watching solely because I think Lauren Graham is awesome. Turns out I really like the show!) ANYway... I was up until 1:30AM. At which point I decided I was sleepy and should probably head to bed now. Cleaned up, put away my lap top, and crawled into bed as quietly as possible.

In a matter of seconds, Brian stirred, put his arm around me, hugged me really tight and said, "Did you get everything done baby?"

I'm not sure why, but this was one of those scenes you see on a TV show, like Grey's Anatomy, where in a single insignificant sentence, said at a single opportune moment they've lightened up the entire day (or night) of the other character. This was that moment. Don't ask me why I smiled like an 8 year old for a five minutes.

And when the moment passed and he fell back asleep... I tweeted. Because in this twisted social media central world, that's what you do.

And in this moment... I am happy.

I'm not entirely sure why I felt this sudden urge to tweet EXACTLY how I was feeling at 1:30 in the morning to all 35 of my followers, but I did. My theory for why I did it? Because Twitter & Facebook are the engraved carvings of our day. Because sometimes putting it out there makes it somewhat permanent, not just a fleeting thought, but a decision that, yes, right now, I am happy. And you know it too. So it's real.

But the main reason? Because it helps us remember. Like those old notes you passed in high school, or the old emails you sent your friends when you were 15. They help you remember who you are.

And so I get it now. What Twitter is. It's so we don't forget. Who we were. What we said. And what we bought at the grocery store this morning.