Introducing... the Classic Hair Beauty Cafe!

Once a month I drive thirty minutes to see my friend Kristina. And once a month I drive home thirty minutes feeling like a new and improved person. You see, Kristina is my hair stylist. An incredible hair stylist, at that. And more importantly, a really good friend of mine. A couple of weeks ago I had a hair appointment and I left feeling amazing all the way home. I had bounce in my step and this irresistible urge to run my fingers through my hair! I have been dying to get Kris in front of the camera. She’s gorgeous and I would love to do a portrait session with her but alas, we’ve been unable to schedule a time. So instead I’m going to show you a little bit of her work! Obviously she’s worked on me quite a few times, but she’s awesome with all types of hair. Here’s a picture of Sarah on her wedding day. Kris came in to save the day and it worked out perfectly. (Kristina is the pretty girl on the right!)

And here’s me on my wedding day! (Her best work, I might add… though I’m way biased on this! (Kris again on the outside pics!)

At my latest appointment I got to get my hair done at her newly opened salon! She’s teamed up with two other incredible stylists to open Classic Hair Beauty Café! With a classy and modern vibe, they’re reaching out to women of all colors and ages, providing a comfortably chic atmosphere. They’ll also be teaming up with local vendors - cake companies, photographers, caterers – with the effort to provide all of their clients (especially brides) the complete experience and be as helpful to them as possible. The new shop had its grand opening in Durham at the beginning of October. Here is a little bit of a peek into the gorgeous new hair salon!

Hardwood floors & soft pastel colors give an incredible "home-away-from-home" feeling! There is a very romantic and soft atmosphere to the place. Verrrrryyy relaxing!

They offer complimentary food and wine at the salon. Talk about the royal treatment!

Oh yeah, and since two of the three stylists at this new salon were the same two marvelous people who did the hair of all the girls from my wedding, here is another photo of their gorgeous work!

So be sure to check them out on Facebook (Click HERE). And wait until I get Kristina in front of my camera. It might break from all the gorgeousness!

Thanks for reading!