{Maternity}Kasie & Ryan | Burlington Lifestyle Photographer

There is a first time for everything. Sunday we combined a lot of firsts together:

  • Kasie & Ryan's first child
  • My & Sarah's first maternity session
  • Sarah's first session with her brand new lens
  • Our first session with the cameo appearance of a McDonald's cup

It was great. Truly it was. If you saw Sarah's post from yesterday, we were fortunate, once again, to work with great clients. Kasie is breathtaking, almost 8 months pregnant and glowing like a mommy should be. And Ryan is a hoot. As in kept us hooting & hollering (yes, I really did just say that!). He was a great sport and I couldn't help but appreciate how in love they are. With the birth of Logan only a month away, we are so excited to have this opportunity to photograph his wonderful Mommy & Daddy.

Congratulations! (again!!)


Here are my favorites. Sarah took the lead for this session, doing most of the directing. I stayed in the background and worked hard to capture different angles as she set up Kasie & Ryan.

Mother laughing - Burlington NC Family Photographer

8 months pregnant - Burlington NC Family Photographer.

I think this is probably my favorite photo of them! Isn't she just gorgeous!

Beth Schmidt Park Session - Burlington NC Family Photographer

Grass at Beth Schmidt Park - Elon NC Family Photographer

For their engagement session, they lied on the grass and looked at each other much like the photos on the left & right. So I'm hoping we recreated that moment all these years later!

Lying in grass - Elon NC Family Photographer

I love the next three! We just told them to cuddle and the cuteness just overflowed! They were all kissy and giggly and it was just so adorable! 

Burlington family session - Burlington NC Family Photographer

We picked Beth Schmidt Park in Elon to do photos because of the adorable playground. There were a lot of kids and it was HOT but I still got a few shots of them on the slide and bridge. Doesn't it just make you warm and fuzzy inside?!...maybe that's just me...!

Parents kissing - Burlington NC Family Photographer

Parents-to-be kissing - Burlington NC Family Photographer .

Parents cuddle on bench - Burlington NC Family Photographer.

Beth Schmidt Park - Burlington NC Family Photographer

Elon NC Session - Burlington NC Family Photographer

And this is, by far, my FAVORITE shot of Kasie. I peeked through a little arch way to get it but I think she is framed beautifully and is just radiant!

Mother-to-be Burlington NC Family Photographer

I know I sounded all mushy while writing this, but it was that kind of session! Romantic & sweet and lovable - the way it should be.