Anniversary Trip | Day One | Part Two

Next stop? Beautiful Asheville, North Carolina.

After four hours of driving it was time for a nap! So we headed straight to the Carolina Bed & BreakfastBefore I even begin my rant on how amazing this B&B was, let me just briefly mention the area. If you've never been to Asheville, and you love breathtaking historic homes - then drive up and down Montford and Cumberland Streets. With a camera. Because it is absolutely beautiful, arrayed with stunningly unique inns and B&B's. Trust me, here is no lack of beauty or places to stay in Asheville! 

Now let me interrupt the photos for a moment and talk about the food. The FOOD! Who needs bacon & eggs, when you can have seasonal fruit with a lemon whipped topping? Or a perfectly delectable pastry with plums & goat cheese? I tried foods that I had never had before and it was worth every single bite! My husband devoured their egg & salmon quiche and I was completely enamored with their peach jam and biscuits.But on Monday, our last day, the breakfast was...*sigh*...delicous. And by delicious, I mean melt-into-your-seat-from-happiness delicious! It was an AMAZING bread pudding with apples and maple syrup and bacon...I would go back JUST to have some of that again! And just in case my enthusiasm wasn't enough to convince you, check out this picture off their website.

You back? Uh huh. Yeah, you know you want some.

Alright more pictures!

The rooms were so cozy and romantic. And um, that bed? Yeah I didn't want to leave it. Softest sheets ever. The bathroom was beautifully decorated, with a Jacuzzi tub and everything! It was fantastic!

So that was the Carolina B&B. I have no doubt I'll be back in the spring when their front yard is arrayed with tulips and the Biltmore is all in bloom. The owners of the inn, James & Susan, were two very fabulous people and were the greatest hosts. It was like staying with family, I kid you not! Their overwhelming knowledge about the area made you want to go out and do everything. In fact these two New Yorkers looked and acted as if they had lived here all their lives. Something tells me that deep deep down, Asheville is the place they knew they've always belonged. I just know it. They fit into this inn & this town like a missing puzzle piece.

So James & Susan, if you happen to be reading, thank you for helping to make our first anniversary so perfect! Brian & I cannot wait to go back. And we're bringing the whole family next time! And if you happen to be serving that amazing bread pudding the next time we're in town, well that would just be perfect! One more day of pics to come - Dinner at Carmels, the Biltmore, and eating dinner with President Obama...sort of.