Anniversary Trip | Day Two

We finished up our first day of relaxation at Carmel's Restaurant & Bar. It was modern and bold, yet cozy and romantic. Their chocolate covered walls. with red & beige accents pretty much melted my decorative soul (and has me rethinking the colors of my bedroom...)

Brian had way too much fun with my camera, so here are my hurry up and get on with it faces! Just kidding, but seriously, look how well he meters for the light! He's going to be our third shooter in no time!

After a great night of sleep and a delicious breakfast, we headed off to the Biltmore armed with sweaters, an umbrella, and, of course, my camera.

(Random side note - I love my camera, but unfortunately, since I use back button auto- focus, it is so hard to take pics of ourselves together! Thank goodness for nice people and Brian's 8 MP easy to use camera phone!)

There is really not much more i can say about the Biltmore that hasn't been said before. Among other things, it's huge, beautiful, and fascinating! Here are just a few pics of the gorgeous Biltmore estate - enough to whet your appetite but not enough to spoil the fun of going yourself!

I loooooooooooooooved this area here. I could have stayed there all day!

My Brian took this picture. He's so talented!

There were a million different types of flowers that I couldn't have taken pics of them all! Well I could have...but my battery probably would have died!

The bookworm in me decided pretty early on in the tour that this was my favorite room...

I'm not a huge wine person but my husband definitely enjoyed the wine tour!

After the Biltmore tour, we headed back to the B&B and then got all prettied up for our official anniversary dinner at the Corner Kitchen. I found it somewhat cool that President Obama ate here recently when he visited Asheville with his family. So I didn't exactly eat dinner with him or anything, but it was a pretty interesting anecdote! 

And that pretty much sums up my anniversary weekend. I thank my dear, wonderful husband for his love and thoughtfulness in planning this wonderful trip (and for my AWESOME Kelly Moore Bag that I carry EVERYWHERE!). I thank my parents for their love and support (whcih is quite literally all over my walls - go ahead and scratch your head, i'll take a picture and explain later!) I thank my little brother, best friends, and all my facebook friends for their gifts, cards and well wishes.

We're now nine days into year two. I know without a shadow of a doubt that it will be more wonderful, more exciting, and more love-filled than the first.