{Engaged!} Peter & Arwen | Elon Wedding Photographers

They have history. Three years worth of it. They met shredding fabric for the theatre department. They don't know why they shredded this fabric or what it was used for. But it didn't matter. It brought them together. 

He rescued her from a terrible ballroom dancer. A ballroom dancer who dared to yell at HER when HE stepped on her toes. But then Peter showed up. And gave her someone new to dance with.

He proposed. Over appetizers. I wish I'd heard the whole proposal tale but just knowing that was enough. It's a love story. And it's sort of, well, epic.

Thank you so much, Peter & Arwen, for giving us the opportunity to photograph your engagement! You guys were a lot of fun and fanTASTic models! And Arwen, trust me when we say, the Evenstar necklace? Not cheesetastic at all. :-)

~Ariana & Sarah


We took photos on the gorgeous Elon University campus. They were/are both students there so it worked out perfectly!

Elon Students pose on blanket on Elon University lawn

 Elon students read Shakespeare Sonnets on Elon University campus

Arwen - you are just simply gorgeous.

Future bride & groom lay on Elon University campus lawn

And in case you doubted...point proven. Again.

Arwen holds her Evenstar necklace on the Elon University campus

You two are so cute together!

Elon students hug on Elon University campus

Engaged couple photographed on Elon University campus

I love the photo on the left - Beautiful book of Shakespeare poems, and the box that held his mother's engagement ring...which Arwen now wears. *sigh* loooove the romanticism of it all.

Book of sonnets, engagement ring box and two Elon University students

My favorite part - the Evenstar necklace! Arwen was actually named after the Elven princess in Lord of the Rings, so while she thought it might be a little too cheesy, we told her it wasn't at all and was sure to incorporate it! It's beautiful isn't it?

Arwen displays her Evenstar necklace at Elon University

Elon students cuddle on Elon University campus

Love the next two photographs. While i was getting this one...

      Photo taken by Elon Wedding Photographer

Sarah was capturing this angle. I love it.

Photo taken by Elon Wedding Photographer

Elon University students cuddle on bench

Photo taken by Elon Wedding Photographer

Photo taken by Elon Wedding Photographer

Engaged couple photographed by Elon Wedding Photographers

And I'll end with what has become my favorite photo of the whole session. It's their love all wrapped up together... 

Engaged couple photographed by Elon Wedding Photographers

Thank you again Peter & Arwen! I know your fall wedding will be perfect!