Introducing... Cheesecake by Eric!

My daddy makes cheesecake. It's his thing. New York Style - you know, creamy, moist, delicious. Yeah that's the kind.

I lived at home while my dad started this whole cheesecake thing...and before long, I kind of, sort of, hated cheesecake. It's hard to appreciate something when you practically live and breathe it! Thankfully, now I'm married and away from it and that giddy excitement I used to get back in the good 'ol days? It's back. With a vengeance.

My dad, or Eric, which is, you know, his name, also makes pretty darn good Sweet Potato pie. And by darn good, I mean that I would probably kill someone for the last slice. And I'm only slightly exaggerating...

So what's a better idea than mixing the awesome fall favorite of sweet potato with the always delicious taste of cheesecake? I know it sounds weird but I would gladly testify to the contrary... It's delicious.

De.Lic.Ious. Yeah, that good.

So I'm sure many of you will be making huge family dinners and having EVERYBODY in town...Why not order a cheesecake? Because it's just one less thing YOU have to cook!

Check out Cheesecake by Eric on Facebook today OR check out his website and see his other flavors! Tell him I sent you. :-) And then spend the next few seconds drooling over the creamy goodness pictured right here... yummmm...

Cheesecake By Eric, Burlington, NC

Cheesecake By Eric, Burlington, NC

Cheesecake By Eric, Burlington, NC  Cheesecake By Eric, Burlington, NC

And here's a little sneak peek of tomorrow's post. A family session in Elon.

Burlington, North Carolina Family Photographer

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