My little diva.

I discovered something recently. My dog is a diva. I don't know why I named her Shelby since she CLEARLY wanted to be named Mariah or Aretha. She is a total, snobby diva.

And my kind of girl!

No, seriously, about four or five months ago, we moved into an apartment with our diva daughter. The distance between us, and our neighbors is about 12 inches and five feet across the hall. But my Shelby has a Big. Giant. Mouth. As in Huge. And we know this because she yelps. Endlessly. Particularly when we're not home. But not for particularly good reasons.

She yelps if her toys are in her bed because then how will she sleep?!

She yelps if her water bowl is less than half full while we're gone.

She yelps if we forget to give her a nice fresh Beggin' Strip before we walk out the door.

She yelps if we don't put her rawhide chew toys in her area.

She yelps if we don't leave a LIGHT ON.

A diva, I tell you! Diva!!

Winter is here and Shelby's normal groomer had a baby two DAYS ago so we've put off her winter haircut. So maybe she's just mad that she kind of looks like a crazy Rastafarian puppy right now. But I think she's cute! Even with her crazy hair mon!


Thanks for reading!