And the theme this year is : Surprises

In March, we had a low-key surprise dinner for our friends Gordy & Kristina.

In September, we had a not-so-low-key surprise dinner for our friends Leah & Jason.

The very next day, THEY all had a surprise dinner for me & Brian.

So we couldn't very well leave out the last (but CERTAINLY not least) couple of the year...Sarah & Scott. So we didn't. A couple of phone calls. A reservation. And bam, we've got a beautiful night out with the family at delicious Spice Street in Chapel Hill. 

To Sarah & Scott - We love you!! Today, on your one year anniversary, I say "Congratulations" and look forward to celebrating many more anniversaries together!

My two bestest friends in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD.

I love the feel of this place. Wine. Everywhere. My kind of place. :-P

Jason & Leah. You've seem them before on my blog. I'm not sure how they do it but they are ALWAYS cute together!

Scott practicing already... hehehe just kidding.

And I'll end with my favorite picture of Sarah! She is just gorgeous isn't she?