FAQ: Prints

I'm so excited to tell you all what I've been working on this past week or so... PRINTS!

Seriously I have been researching companies, looking at samples, determining costs, all so we can present you with the best and prettiest of everything!

One of the first things I'm excited about are the Fuji Deep Matte Finish prints. No matter what size prints you buy, they'll be on a great quality paper but with your larger prints (11x14 and up) they will have an additional stunning finish that I can't even quite describe. It's not shiny like most prints. Instead, it's a soft elegant look. It looks great on a wall OR in an album (or in a tree, or in a box, or with green eggs and ham!!). Any photographs you order from us will be top of the line and I'm really happy to be able to present such a beautiful quality print.

Another thing we'll be offering soon - METAL PRINTS. No seriously. Me.Tal. Like, you know, what your car is made out of (i think...)! Hehe I don't quite know who came up with this unique concept, but they. are. Stunning! Vibrant colors on a very unique, edgy, metal background. And there are so many ways to hang them! It's up to you of course, but you can choose to have them "float" off the wall (that's the automatic choice if you don't say otherwise by the way). Or we can have them drill holes in it and hang it that way. And the coolest part? They even come in CIRCLES and OVALS! I think they're the coolest thing since sliced bread. (And wow, I'm pretty sure I lost all cool points by saying that!)


(***Pictures above and below borrowed from vendor website. Only shown for limited time, until I get my samples in the mail!!)

Along with the metal prints, we'll be offering very unique float mounts as well. They too seem to "float" off the walls and are a unique and less expensive alternative to the canvas and gallery wraps.

Anyway I just thought I would share. All of these items are unique, modern, and still overwhelmingly elegant. They're the ideal way to show off your prints and I hope you guys certainly try them out. Trust me, NOBODY is going to miss your gorgeous faces on these stunning items. It's totally win-win!!

Thanks for reading!