Buried Under Papers

Yeah, that's what I am! Buried under to-do lists and samples and ideas and changes! Well, figuratively speaking of course (thank goodness for the internet!).

If you follow us on Facebook or Twitter, you've probably heard - we're making changes. Big ones. BIG ones. BIG ONE... okay okay you get the point. While I'm not revealing the BIG announcement JUST yet, I am excited and am very much looking forward to sharing some of our current changes with you.

The New Logo

I am soooooo excited about the new logo. For the past couple months we've been working hard with an amazing logo designer to come up with a new logo to be the trademark of our brand! It is almost complete and I cannot wait to put it out on the website. The grand revealing will occur closer to January so keep an eye out!

New Domain Name

By January 1st we will no longer be facesinfocus.squarespace.com... we'll be facesinfocusphotography.com! Yes, it's still long but it can't really get any more obvious than that!!

New Gallery Photos

We've done so many sessions the past few months and haven't had time to update the portfolio yet. So over the next few weeks I'll be adding new photos for the world to see - pictures that define everything Faces in Focus will be in the new year!

Love Notes

We're working on a new page for the website - I'm calling it love notes because that's just oh-so-sweet! It'll feature some of the amazing reviews and kind words we've received from so many of our wonderful clients (because they are the best clients a girl could ask for!!)

And... that's it! For now, at least. It's been a crazy month so far but I think you all will like the new changes.

Thanks for reading!