{Celebration} White's 40th Anniversary| Burlington Event Photographers

Forty years. I've only lived half that. I've been married for 1/40th of that. Forty years is a long time.

Two good friends of mine - Carson & Shirley - celebrated their fortieth anniversary with their best of friends this past Saturday. At their wedding, those many years ago, they didn't have a first dance. Or much of a reception. There are only a few photographs of that momentous occasion. But that memory has survived. Along with that love.

For their fortieth anniversary, their one and only daughter wanted one thing - to give them what they didn't have. So she gave them a reception. Their friends got together (myself included) to decorate, plan, and provide food for these two wonderful people who have constantly done good for others. 

Carson & Shirley, congratulations! Your love knows no boundaries and I'm honored to call you friends. Thank you for giving me a shining example of what love should be, and how to hold onto it. And Lesley - the "reception" was beautiful. Thank you for asking me to photograph it. I'm happy to have had a role in doing something so wonderful for your parents.

~ Ariana

My mother is quite the creative one and put together this awesome Photo Booth display for photos. 

Photo Booth Display - Burlington NC Wedding Photographer

The table decorations were beautiful and awesomely put together!

Reception Details - Burlington NC Wedding Photographer

Red silk flowers - Burlington NC Wedding Photographer

Beaded garland and red silk flowers - Burlington NC Wedding Photographer

Head Table -- Burlington NC Wedding Photographer

Photo Display - Burlington NC Wedding Photographer

After dinner (which was de.lish!) Carson & Shirley had finally had their first dance... which Carson joked and sang the entire way through! 

First Dance - BurlingtonNC Photographer

Husband - Burlington NC Wedding Photographer

Wife - Burlington NC Wedding Photographer

They had a beautiful cake and had a nice little cake-cutting! They even fed each other. *sigh* oh so sweet...

One tier cake - Burlington NC Wedding Photographer

Father and daughter laugh - Burlington NC Wedding Photographer

Brian put together another one of his famous slideshows featuring both old & new photos. That journey back in time was mostly... hilarious. As you can see here!

Slideshow Presentation - Burlington Wedding Photographer

little girl - Burlington NC Wedding Photographer

Party guests - Burlington, NC Wedding Photographer

More party guests - Burlington, NC Wedding Photographer

Little Boy - Burlington NC Wedding Photographer

Reception Dancing - Burlington NC Wedding Photographer

My mother is going to kill me for putting up this photo but I couldn't resist. She looks so cute!

Dancing and bubbles - Burlington, NC Wedding Photographer

We danced. A lot. It's what we do here in Burlington! Wizi Word!

Line Dancing - Burlington NC Wedding Photographer

Guests of honor - Burlington NC Family Photographer

A couple of family formals...

Family formal - Burlington NC Family Photographer

Family formal - Burlington NC Family Photographer

Girlfriends - Burlington NC Family Photographer

Congratulations again you two! Love you!

Husband and wife - Burlington NC Family Photographer

And of course thank you Sarah for all your hard work! Your pictures turned out great and I just love it when we get to photograph events together!