FAQ: What I've Learned So Far

This is Faces In Focus Photography's first year. I can honestly say that I've taken more pictures this year than any other year in my life! But when you take that many photos you learn. Quickly. What not to do. What doesn't work. How to customize the settings on your camera. How to edit. How to use the available light. How to... well, you get it.

You learn. A lot.

In a couple days, I'll be doing a "2010...in Focus" review post. As I've looked through those pictures, I've seen changes in my technique and use of light. 

For example, our first Faces in Focus session ever was the of the Cox family back in June. That day I took this photo of oh-so-adorable Josiah.

While my favorite picture of that session by far, it would have benefited quite a bit from being backlit , with more light on his face, and having a bit more breathing room for cropping. Any crop not in a 2x3 ratio would pretty much ruin the aesthetic of the photo.

I didn't quite grasp the concept of back lighting though, so I practiced. In September, I took this picture.

I LOVE this. No it's not perfectly exposed or flawless but I had a glimpse into the kind of pics I wanted to take and what feeling I wanted to evoke.

My latest session that was outdoors was Trish & Toyoko's, where I took this picture.

This picture makes me proud. Again, I'm not proclaiming that it's perfect or that anyone else should do it like I do. What I'm saying is that when I took this picture, I intentionally illumitated the background of the photo creating a glowing halo effect. The way they look gives off an almost editorial feel. And best of all, they look beautiful.

THIS is the kind of picture i want to take. The style I want to define me. The feeling I want to evoke.

I've got a long way to go. But i'm learning. And I can't wait to try new and more challenging lighting situations. Because how else will I learn?!

Thanks for reading!