The New Faces In Focus Photography.

I know you've heard. How do I know? Because I have a biiig mouth. Like huge.

"Heard what?!" you ask? Heard that I've been busy. That we have a big announcement. That a change is gonna come!

I've left you hanging for a month now. I think it's time I told you.

So tune back in tomorrow!


HA! I am SO the next Ryan Seacrest! I'm kidding. I'll stop beating around the bush and just tell you - Faces in Focus will no longer be two people, but one. You heard right! You see Sarah and I have worked really hard this year together and have come a long way. We've both learned so much and I'm very happy to say that Sarah will be spreading her wings and starting her own venture! It will be called Sarah Michelle Photography and I am very happy for her!

Sarah and I will continue to work closely together for big things - weddings, projects, etc. And we will continue to be best friends, which is truly the best part! I'll be blogging about Sarah's new website, and some of her best pieces of work in a couple days.

For today, I'd like to encourage you to browse the website. I've made a few changes here and there.

  • The new "Love Notes" link features some reviews from a few of our wonderful clients from the past year.
  • The "About" page is totally new and cool and gives a little more insight on the silliness that is Ariana! (Thanks to Sarah for taking such beautiful pictures!)
  • The "Portfolio" has been updated with photos that best reflect my style and what type of photos you can expect from Faces In Focus in the upcoming year. I think they also incorporate my three words from this post very well and are the kind of photographs I want to take more and better versions of!
  • Facebook has been integrated throughout the blog! "Like" Faces In Focus directly by clicking the sidebar on the right. Also each blog post will have a "like" button as well. 
  • Our packages have changed! If you are looking for a photographer this year for a wedding, please email me at and ask for a pricing guide. The new packages include some really cool items - Kiss Wedding Albums, Metal Prints, and more. I'm offering 8 hours and an engagement session with EVERY package, so it can't hurt to ask!
  • The site is officially! Yay!

So browse, click, bookmark! And I hope you continue to support Faces In Focus as you have for the past year. I'm excited to be able to do this - to photograph people and remind them just how beautiful they truly are, inside AND out.

I love photography. And as 2011 approaches, I can't wait to show you what Love is... in Focus.