{Wedding} Breonna & Phil | Burlington, NC Wedding Photographer

{Edited to Add - This wedding was from 2009 - be sure to check out my latest work by clicking on the categories on the left!}

The first wedding I was in last year was that of my friend Breonna and it was the beginning of an exhausting journey through showers and gifts and bridesmaid dresses! But we had a lot of fun. Breonna is fantastic and gorgeous and I was glad to be in her wedding.

The wedding day was hectic but I carried my camera everywhere! First we got our hair done..


Then it was off to makeup!

And then when we were all beautiful it was time to put on the dresses and get her married!! 

And behold... the beautiful bride!


The wedding was beautiful and yes I cried. Couldn't help myself, everything was so perfect! Following the ceremony, we hopped into a limo and rode to the reception where we danced the night away.

Overall, it was a wonderful night. And I admit, these aren't the best pictures ever, but not bad for someone who had to hold the bride's dress with her other hand, right? 

Forever etched,