Headaches, Tears, and Wedding Dresses

So the other night, I had a massive headache. Like, can't open your left eye because it hurts so bad - that kind of massive. Meanwhile, I was supposed to be packing for my upcoming trip. Not the most thrilling of evenings.

I popped on the TV, hoping for a distraction and, lo and behold, I came across a show called Say Yes to the Dress. I don't think I've ever actually watched this show but I figure hey, dramatic girls in white dresses can't really make you feel any worse, can it?

I watched about three episodes - cried each time. I mean it's been months since my wedding, I should be over this right? WRONG! I mean who knew it could make me so happy seeing the look on a woman's face when she just knew she had the found THE dress. Whether it was tears, or that shocked silence (because she just couldn't believe THIS was IT), tears literally welled up in my eyes each time. Literally! I almost got up and put on my wedding dress, just for an excuse to wear it again. Unfortunately (or fortunately) due to my recent move, it was hanging up in a closet... behind about ten boxes. I guess I'll save that for another day.

If you've read this post, you would know how crazy last year was for me. So many weddings, so little time - you would think i'd be wedding-ed out! And yet, I still LOVE weddings. LOVE them. The details... the dresses... the love. Above all, the love. It's in everything - the guests, the bride and groom, even the cake topper! Everything means something, and I guess that why I love photographing weddings. Because how often do you really get to capture true love?

And my post just got really, really CORNY! But who cares? I'm a sucker for weddings.

And proud of it!




P.S. and just for the sake of having a photo here's a pic of the wedding dress that sooo completes me...

Courtesy of Marcus McDowell - Perfect Pixel Photography

(He's AH-MAY-zing. Like fo real.)