Inspired by a Star | Burlington, NC Wedding Photographer

So while I was on vacation, I wanted to accomplish one thing - read through Jasmine Star's entire blog. She's an in-CRED-ible photographer that I immediately began to admire from the very first post I read. While I'm only about halfway through (since she's been blogging since 2006!) I've already learned so much!

From a photographer's standpoint, she's smart and innovative. Her pictures continually tell the story in every shot, and have this incredible way of taking pictures that makes me feel like I can reach out and touch the people. She's quite amazing.

But what I really, really love about her? She's HILARIOUS! I mean rolling on the floor, tears streaming, can't catch my breath funny. (Which, more than likely, would probably get me bonus points in her book, simply because I think she's funny!) And we eerily have way too many thing in common. For example, she thought Wicked was the best musical by far - which it is. She has an odd obsession with Post-it Notes, and clearly agrees that they're the best thing 3M ever created. Ever. She gets together with her friends to watch America's Next Top Model, which I think is fierce.

But the biggest kicker? She's half Puerto Rican. JUST LIKE ME!! 

So while I try to get rid of the notion that we're meant to meet one day (since that's highly unlikely), I read her blog. From beginning to end. I try to absorb everything I possibly can because Jasmine Star is a photographer I want to learn from.

That's what I'm doing now, sitting in pajamas, drinking Mountain Dew, reading her blog and taking notes - on Post-Its.

And since the first thing I learned from Jasmine Star is that all posts are better with a picture - here's a snapshot of my very well written notes...