Dolphins, Whales, and Parrots?

I went to Seaworld for the first time in like TEN years!!! And let me tell you - It. Was. Awesome. I think my absolute favorite show was the dolphins. It was so cool, made me want to go out and buy a dolphin right now. However, my bathtub is not exactly the best place for a dolphin so I guess I'll have to go without.

Now I'm pretty sure there was supposed to be a story with the show, however, I had a hard time following it so I'm just going to improvise.


There was a princess named... Ariel. It fits, considering we're at Seaworld people - mermaid, ocean, duh. 

Back to the story, so Ariel loved dolphins. One day she dreamed she would be able to swim with the dolphins and be one of them. This is Ariel: 


Ariel had a lot of dreams. She truly wanted to be a part of their world (pun TOTALLY intended). Her good friend, who we'll call Wendi, with an I, promised to introduce Ariel to her dolphin friends. 

The bird-lady named Redd flew in to assist Wendi and Ariel.

And then Wendi rode the dolphin (the story sort of starts to fade out at this point...)

And then, OOOHH look at the pretty bird! Soo cool, look at the pretty colors! 

I want to ride a dolphin like THAT guy!! 

Happy happy swim swim! Yay!


The end!!


Hmm, that story didn't make very much sense, did it? That's pretty much exactly how I remembered it. I guess I got way too distracted by all the pretty colors.  Either way I had a great time! Dolphins are amazing creatures. I had hoped to feed them before I left, but it got too late and all of them went beddy bye. It was wonderful though. There were sting rays and sharks and these really cool looking DRAGONS. No I'm not kidding, really they were called Leafy Sea Dragons. Crazy huh? Here's a pic, though it's a little distorted since I was looking through a glass panel!

Oh and here's a great pic of a dolphin. I wanted to take him home right then and there! I named him Miles. I don't know why.


Oh and I met a famous fish! No, not Shamu... DORY! She was very nice.


And, no kidding, there was a polar bear two FEET from the glass. He could have ate me! (had the glass not been there of course...) It was ridiculous, I could have leaned over and touched him. It was a great opportunity to see a polar bear up close. Of course I had to elbow quite a few kids to get near enough to take this picture. But it was worth it.

And now for some random flowers...


Oh and meet my wonderful family!

From left to right: My hubby, Brian; Me; my wonderful mom, Rosa; my brother Justin, & my dad (trying to look all gangsta! Not working Daddy!)

Also meet my awesome cousin Jasmine! (I think ALL Jasmine's are funny- like my cousin...Jasmine Star...Jasmine from Aladdin. I think there is a secret club or something.)

And that sums it all up. THAT was Seaworld. It was fun, it was hot, and it was exhausting. However it was a trip worth taking. I had a fantastic time. If you've never been, go. That's my advice for the day! 


Thanks for reading!