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From the moment you woke up on the Saturday of their wedding, you just knew it was a day for love. The sun shone brightly and yet a cool comfortable wind flowed, creating the perfect summer day. Birds sang as they never sang before, and the feeling of happiness enveloped each and every person.

Jessica and Aaron had the pleasure of knowing each other throughout their teenage years. They developed a friendship that quickly grew into admiration, affection, and eventually love. It was a relationship that would spread happiness to so many who surrounded them, from siblings, to friends.

After four years of watching your love grow, it brings me so much happiness to have been able to document your beautiful wedding. Jessica you were breathaking and Aaron you were as handsome as ever. I hope you both continue falling deeper into love and have a truly wonderful honeymoon.

With Love,



So my job throughout the morning was to capture the guys getting ready. Unfortunately, they didn't give me much to work with. However, I did enjoy watching a rousing game of Super Smash Brothers!

Super Smash Brothers, Greensboro

Greensboro Groom

Groom - Greensboro Wedding Photographer

Groom - Greensboro Wedding Photographer

Greensboro Groom with Groomsmen

I had a blast taking pictures with the guys. They're really great listeners. And Aaron, you looked fantastic!

Greensboro Groom with Groomsmen

Tux and Gown Details - Greensboro Wedding Photographer

This picture cracks me up! The bridesmaids were having a bit of trouble zipping up the back of the dress and this face says it all!

Bridesmaid Dress - Greensboro Wedding Phtographer

Jessica's beautiful wedding gown was made by her grandmother. It turned out wonderfully and I'm sure will make an incredible family heirloom!

Handmade Wedding Gown - Greensboro

Red Silk Flowers - Greensboro Wedding

Greensboro Bride and Groom

I couldn't resist putting up Jessica's "Come hither" look!

Sexy Bride - Greensboro Wedding Photographer

Bride and Groom - Greensboro Wedding Photographer

I absolutely love the way the next two photos turned out!

Groom -Greensboro Wedding Photographer

Rings and Red Roses - Greensboro Wedding Photographer

Bride Groom Kiss - Greensboro Wedding Photographer

Their reception site was beautiful. AVS Catering did an incredible job with the venue and catering!

Reception AVS CateringMad props to Jessica's mother for her hard work on their BEAUTIFUL cake!

Five Tier Cake

First Dance - Greensboro Wedding Photographer

Rings - Greensboro Wedding Photographer

I guess Aaron decided to get camera shy by the end of the day!

Groom Covers Face - Greensboro Wedding

Dancing - Greensboro Wedding Photographer

And I think I'll end this post with my favorite picture of the day...

Backlit Bride and Groom - Greensboro Wedding Photographer

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***Side Note: Moms, Dads, Family, I didn't forget about you! Proofs will be up on Saturday!***