How do you preserve YOUR memories?

We all have watched a slideshow, put to nice gentle music.

But what about a slideshow, timed to music that makes you FEEL the way the pictures should? That makes you want to jump up and dance with everyone in the room?

Yeah, that's sort of our goal. And because it would be so uncool if we were the only ones dancing, we're going to show you an example of our latest Memory Video.

If you aren't dancing, then you're just uncool.

And, just a note, these videos are a bit long, but we've worked hard to make each and every part of it worth watching. So grab some popcorn and stay til the end (well, its not THAT long, you'll probably spend more time waiting on the popcorn!) We've even included actually video footage from the event! It's ten minutes out of your day, but you'll be smiling for a while, we promise.

{This video has been removed. If you'd like to to have your own copy, please contact us for more information!}


***Side Note: These are called our "Memory CDs" and can be made for your session and purchased afterwards. They make really great gifts, and are always fun to watch!***