{Portraits} Lisa | Burlington, NC Portrait Photographer

Meet Lisa. Lisa is one of those people that you want to grow up to be like. Beautiful, smart, and truly knows how to handle her business! Seriously! She helped to bring Dolly's Pizza to little, ol' Burlington, and it's one of the most delicious pizza places around.

She also works hard on an adorable brownie company called Brownies1906. Now I've tasted these brownies before, and they are knock-your-socks-off, jump-on-the-bed, shake-what-yo-momma-gave-ya delicious. Maybe that's a little much, but add some gingerly placed coconut or marshmellows and you'll be all over the place! Not to mention they're not just decorated beautifully but they're packaged with adorable ribbons, so they make great gifts or party favors.

Darn my natural weakness for chocolate, I could talk about this all day!!!

Back to Lisa - she's awesome. And I know this because she stood for all of the gorgeous pictures below in literally 100 degree weather. And we had a heat index of 103, so it FELT even worse. And yet she managed to still look fantastic. That's my kind of girl!

And her shoes were to die for. Like fo realz. 

 Portrait Lake Mackintosh - Burlington Portrait Photographer Adorable white shoes with dainty bows - Portrait Photographer Lovely profile photo of the Dolly's Pizza Owner

Burlington NC Portrait Photographer


Owner of Dolly's Pizza - Burlington Portrait Photographer