{Encore} Sarisa & Justin | Burlington & Mebane Wedding Photographers

All last week we watched the weather. The Saturday forecast never wavered from the threat of scattered thunderstorms. The ominous prediction made us fear the worst.

Are we scared of rain? No. But this was important. See, Sarisa & Justin got married in March. It was a beautiful wedding of which we were guests. But a couple months ago, Sarisa contacted us requesting an Encore session (or trash the dress, as widely known) because, brace yourselves, they had NO pictures of them together from their wedding. Our hearts broke for them, right then, right there.

So you see? This was important! We needed perfect weather. This was their chance to make up for what had been so casually forgotten on their wedding day. And perfect weather is what we got. Just overcast enough to create gorgeous light, and sunny enough to keep us all in smiles.

Justin & Sarisa, I hope we did you justice. Thank you for this opportunity. We had so much fun with you two and would gladly drive out to do it all over again - just for fun! And I truly hope you have a plethora of photos to put up on your wall now!

We love you!

~Ariana & Sarah

 Here are a few of our favorites from the session. With such a beautiful couple, it was SO hard to narrow it down!

Bride - Henderson NC Wedding Photographer

Henderson NC Wedding photographer


Remember that episode of America's Next Top Model where Tyra played with shadows on the faces of the girls? That was the inspiration for the next picture! (And yes we watch ANTM. Religiously.)

Bride and Groom in Grass- Henderson NC Wedding Photographer

Bride in Grass - Henderson NC Wedding Photographer

Groom lifts Bride - Henderson Wedding PhotographerKerr Lake Trash the Dress Session

Bride and Groom kiss in Woods - Henderson NC Wedding Photographer

Kerr Lake Henderson NC Wedding Photographer

Kerr Lake Trash The Dress Session

This is Justin's "Prince Charming" photo. I think he's been practicing.

Henderson NC Trash the Dress Session

And we'll end with this one because who doesn't want a picture of themselves walking down the beach in a gorgeous gown in the arms of the one they love?!

Hope you enjoyed! Happy Wednesday!