Losing things in plain sight

I was a little remiss about what to write about today. I had a few ideas but hadn't decided on one yet. So I wrote them down. On a bright HOT pink sticky note.

Five minutes later, i reached for my sticky notes to write another idea... and it's gone. I mean literally, it's missing. I searched for another five minutes trying to figure out if I dropped it on the floor, if I was sitting on it, or if I threw it in the trashcan. I literally checked the trashcan. Because how often do you misplace sticky notes when you haven't MOVED from your SEAT?

I believe this happens to me at least once a day. Sometimes twice. And I never understand it. Three hours later, I'll sit down and BAM, it's right there. In front of me. Where I know I looked at least twenty times. So maybe tiny little creatures live under my desk and run around moving stuff just to mess with me! Because how else can I explain it. Unless I'm LOSING MY MIND! Which is quite possible. However I'd rather blame it on the little creatures. Because that certainly goes a long way to convincing people I'm not crazy, doesn't it?

I wish I had some moral of the story. Something like, "Don't write your life on sticky notes, it might get stolen." But frankly I'm just annoyed that I lost my post-its. Again.


By the way, I found the sticky notes. Those annoying little pests had thrown it on the floor under my desk BEHIND the trash can. Those rascals. I should call an exterminator.