I"m not sure how I feel about surprises. Oftentimes, I'm much too nosy to let a surprise stay a surprise.

Before I was engaged, I hounded my friends and family to tell me everything they knew. Every word out of the soon-to-be fiance was a clue and would spend countless hours deciphering these clues through flow charts, magnifying glasses, and well written notes. I delicately mapped out the chain of events that would end with a new diamond ring on my hand.

And I drove everyone crazy. But that's not the point. (On the bright side, while I figured out most of the impending details of the day and time, my family and friends managed to still surprise me with an engagement party that SAME DAY at 10:00 at night. So I guess I'm not THAT good.)

Well, I've recently been informed that Brian (the husband, if you're just tuning in) wants to surprise me for our upcoming one year anniversary. And I guess I've changed. Because for the first time, I'm not knocking down doors or searching through trash cans trying to find clues. I'm just going with the flow and letting him do his thing. I'm happy just knowing that I'll get a few days alone with him.

I think that's the blessing of marriage right? Not having to worry anymore about whether or not he's actually wants to spend his life with you. Now you just have to worry about whether he pays that bill or gets the cars inspected! But I think I'll take that trade in any day.


P.S. Oh yeah Brian, since I know you'll be reading this - the repeated requests for the Kelly Moore Bag still stand. :-)

And, as always, a photo - a photobooth snapshot of "my crew"! Me, Brian, Sarah's husband, and the beautiful Sarah herself (aka bff, business partner, etc.)