Good Morning?

I am not a morning person.

When I was growing up, 3 out of the 4 members of my family had the same prognosis. We are not morning people. My mother, brother, and I had this silent understanding – don’t mess with me and you’ll live to see 8:00. My father on the other hand? Well he never really understood that.  He was the lone, happy morning person of the family. Waking up with the presence of mind to go to the gym, shower, make coffee, make his lunch, iron his clothes – all with a smile. How? I’ll never know.

I get up at about 7:30 every day. I am not fully functional until about…hmmm… 8:30. Ish. And during this time I could be any number of people. I could be Happy-Ariana, who gets up talking and smiling and ready to take on the day. I could be Don’t-Touch-Me-Ariana, which is pretty self explanatory. (Deep down I’m sure there’s a Go-Work-Out!-Ariana and a Lets-Make-Breakfast-Ariana too, but sadly, we’ve never met. ) Unfortunately for my husband, these “Ariana’s” can switch. At any moment. Like they did this morning.

I woke up as Happy-Ariana. I was laughing and smiling (and kicking myself for forgetting to pay a bill last night and kicking my husband for not reminding me!) All in all, I was fine. Until Brian started playing music. And singing. And talking. And then I realized the dishes weren’t done. And that we’d forgotten to put dinner away last night, so I had to throw it away. And suddenly, I became Don’t-Touch-Me-Ariana. Very quickly. It wasn’t pretty. I don’t like that cranky side of me.

Thankfully, I had time to sit down with a cup of Vanilla Chai tea (my absolute favorite in the morning!) and read a few photography forums and just chill. I felt better then. Mainly because 8:30 was coming around and my brain was starting to work right.

I am not a morning person. No one can hold me accountable for the randomness that may happen! I cannot control that person! It’s sort of like when you tickle someone and get kicked in the face. We are not responsible for those random body movements, YOU’RE tickling us!!! So, like I said, I can’t control that person, my brain isn’t even ON. Like, at all.

Oh yeah and Brian, sorry for the outbursts. But I’m pretty sure I sneaked a clause into our marriage contract that said you must still like me any time before 8:30AM.  No matter which Ariana I am!

But I still apologize. Because I love you.

Thanks for reading!

~ Ariana

I know posts are better with a picture, so I put together a little something in paint. Here’s me saying hi!

Okay seriously, and thankfully, my adorable Shelby got a haircut yesterday and I plan on taking plenty of photos of her so tune back in tomorrow!