Over the course of the past few days, there’s been an incredible online course from photographer Jasmine Star. She spent several days enlightening us to what she does. It was amazing and while my hand is cramped into writing position from all the notes and my husband has almost banned the name "Jasmine Star" (and also J*, Jasmine, and the words "ghetto fabulous") out of our home, it was well worth it!

The one thing that I’ve been thinking about a lot lately, especially as I’m defining myself as a photographer, is something she assigned all of her students. They were asked to think of three words that defined their style as a photographer.

I’ve been considering this a lot. What three words do I want to come across in my photos? Here’s what I came up with…


I’m one of those girls who cry during television shows and chick-flicks. I can’t watch A Walk to Remember without a box of tissues. I’m just that corny. And I LOVE IT! I love my inability to hold back tears during a significantly emotional moment in Grey’s Anatomy. So when I think about myself as a photographer, I want my pictures to evoke the same emotion. I want my brides and friends to look at the photo and say, “Look how in love they are!” As I grow as a photographer, this is one word that I will use to inspire me, and I would hope it would be reflected in the way I pose them, the way they look at each other, and in the way I capture them with my camera.


My husband and I are totally into PDA. And not the gross make-out-in-public kind of PDA! The hold hands, kiss on the cheek, always hugging kind. In photos, I really want people to see the personality and love between whomever I’m photographing. Looking back through my portfolio, I have a tendency to eliminate any negative space. I’m up close and focused on that smile of happiness unseen by anyone else but me. While I still need to work on incorporating more of my surroundings in a flattering way and using light and landscape to my advantage, I don’t necessarily want to stop getting up close and personal. I want to capture raw emotion at its finest.


I think that the wedding day is the one day every woman should be allowed to be totally conceited and look in the mirror and say, “I look fantastic!” When I look back on MY wedding day and at the pictures my photographer took of me, I get all giddy and can’t help but say, “Look how great I look! I’m adorable!” And while that’s totally conceited and I really am not that self confident, that day, I was. That day, I was gorgeous and I was gorgeous for me and for my husband and that was all that mattered. A lot of people won’t like your gown. Others won’t like your hairpiece or veil. And still others will think your makeup could have been better. But that shouldn’t matter and I want every bride I ever photograph to look at her photos and every time get giddy and say, “I looked so beautiful.”

So those are my three words. Those are the words that inspire me, that I look for, and that I want each photo to convey. Those are the words that I would hope the bride who hires me would connect with too.

Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful week!


P.S. I know you guys are just DYING to see photos of my Shelby, like I promised, but I have been soooo busy. But I plan to put photos up of her on Thursday so don’t worry!

And here’s a sneak peek of this past weekend’s event!