I dreamed a dream.

Do you want to know something funny about me? Do you know what I pretty much wanted to be all my life? A Broadway singer. Dead. Serious. I wanted to sing and dance for the masses, belting out emotions through the power of music and lyrics. To be able to perform that way , well that was me. Simply me! Give me any song from Wicked and I'll out-perform anyone.

Of course performing wasn't really the problem. It was the singing part.

I have what is very likely to be the worst voice. Ever. In the whole world.

My parents figured this out long before I did. At the wee age of five, I belted horrendous renditions of Part of Your World, all over the house. But when I reached my high school years and stumbled across my own school's version of High School Musical, I was determined to sing and dance. So I tried out. And failed miserably.

I've come to terms with my lack of vocal talent. I find happiness in the fact that I spent nine years of my life expressing myself with my violin, which is as close as I'll ever get. And thankfully I was blessed with a husband who tolerates musicals, Glee, and my insatiable need to keep singing.


Thanks for reading! And keep singing! I do.