We Proudly Present...


We’re so excited about our new layout and design. We’ve thought long and hard over how we want to present ourselves and how important it is to brand our business.

While we have a long way to go to truly brand ourselves, we think this is a small step towards doing so. Sarah & I are both romantics, in love with the simple elegance of love and happiness. We think our newly designed website displays just that - modern elegance in its simplest form.

Take some time to browse - we've added a lot of new pictures & features! Our packages have been updated to include better, more unique products - we're talking albums, photo books, gallery wraps, floating mounts, & more!

I’m loving my new blog set up – now you can see my twitter feed & my categories! I started realizing, I was blogging a whole lot, but the previous setup was preventing people from easily seeing my previous posts. Now that’s super easy and should be incredibly helpful! I've even added an F.A.Q. category for easy reference to posts about what makes us Faces In Focus! 

Here some quick links to some new stuff!



{What We Do}



Now that the website is finally done, I'll be back to blogging every day again too! Tune back in tomorrow for pictures from last weekends Baby Shower Celebration! Here's a sneak peek!

And to make sure you were REALLY reading...Sarah & I are doing a promotion - Contact us THROUGH OUR WEBSITE and get 15% off a session! We're not sure how long we'll be doing this so get it while you can!

Thanks for reading and we hope you like the new site. PLEASE come back and tell us what you think! :)