How I Know They Love Me

I can be complex. In plenty of categories - math, literature art. And then there are things that don't go very deep and are, in fact, quite shallow aspects of my being - my love for icee's, shoes...and purses.

Oh how I love bags. Purses of all colors and as large and spacious as possible. Maybe it makes me shallow and silly. But there's something about them that just makes every outfit...perfect. Complete. Fabulous. Quite simply, they complete me.

Alright, I'll stop with the silliness! I do love bags and I was a bit overwhelmed this past weekend. It was my anniversary as many of you know. And the past couple of months I've been on a quest for the one perfect bag. Adorable. Stylish. Holds a camera. How hard can that be? 

And I found it. Months ago. I stumbled across the Kelly Moore Bag. A yellow Hobo Bag. It was so...perfect.! And I talked about it to all my friends. And my parents. And my husband. And I might of told my dog Shelby once or twice. I tried to drop hints, but I think they came out more like announcements. Talk about the perfect anniversary present. Right? RIGHT?

Right. And my wonderful dear husband was kind enough to not only feed my obsession, but get me the perfect bag i never knew I always wanted. And it's perfect.

Kelly Moore Bag photo taken by Burlington Photographer   Kelly Moore Bag photo taken by Burlington PhotographerKelly Moore Bag photo taken by Burlington Photographer

And then, when I thought it couldn't get better than that... my brother sealed the deal. Along with my mother. My very wonderful little brother gave me the most beautiful deep plum bag and it's breathtakingly gorgeous. And my mother gave me an adorable Apple Bottoms bag to go with the perfect anniversary outfit. And I rocked them both.

Purse photos taken by Burlington Photographer Purse photos taken by Burlington Photographer

I know what you're thinking - this girl just wrote a blog post about purses. Seriously? But I can't help it! Bags make me smile. 

But what really makes me smile? It's not the bags, themselves. It's the thought behind them. Truly it is. My mother wanted me to look & feel perfect on my anniversary. She's always wanted that for me. To make me happy. To make me feel & look beautiful. She's a mom. And a great one.

My brother knew I've spent the past year decorating my new home. It's where I've focused my extra money the past few months. So he wanted to spoil me. And therefore he bought me a beautiful purse in my absolute favorite color. Because he wanted to spoil me. I feel the love. 

And my husband, who loves me so truly madly and deeply. He's wonderful. And he loves me. And he supports me. Wholeheartedly. Lovingly. I've started a business and it's stressful and frustrating sometimes, and I talk about it way too much but he still loves me. And he believes in me. And he supports me. 

So maybe that's why I love bags. Because deep down, they all have a deeper meaning. And every time I pick one up... I remember.