Anniversary Trip | Day One | Part One

The past weekend was a lot of things. Gorgeous. Colorful. Rainy. 

Brian and I celebrated our first anniversary in Asheville, NC and it was truly one of the most beautiful places I've ever been. It's a side of North Carolina I've never seen before. Everything was just...clearer. Gorgeous skies with perfectly shaped clouds. Perfect sets of trees and stunning rolling mountains. It was simply beautiful.

The entire weekend was a surprise. Brian planned out every tiny detail and it worked out perfectly. I literally knew nothing about it until the morning of. So I have to give my hubby mad props for his planning skills!

Here are a few pictures from Saturday. Tell me they aren't just gorgeous!

First stop -  Grandfather Mountain! Neither of us had ever been before and so both of us were really excited to see the animal exhibits and get to the top of the mountain!

Ah... the bear exhibit. The closest I've ever gotten and hope to ever get to one of these giant creatures. (Yes, I said GIANT because, hello people! I'm 5'1"!) 

And the adorable otters who loved performing for the masses!

Now I know if you live in NC anywhere near woods and country, you've seen a deer at least once in your life. But it was nice to observe them without them running away when they see your headlights! :) 

Two of my favorite photos of the day. Mountains as far as the eye can see. Greenery all the way to the horizon! And in the second, we're finally beginning to see the gorgeous fall colors peek through!  


So my husband ALWAYS gets nervous when we go hiking because I'm the adventurous one who always wants to see how far I can go without, you know, dying. He HATES it and wishes I would stand firmly by his side so he can protect me. It was our anniversary so I was nice as we crossed over the swinging bridge. We were over a mile off the ground - and the view was amazing.

 My Brian!

And me with frizzy hair due to all the wind! 

How gorgeous is this? 

And then we were OFF! To Asheville, that is.  

We got to Carolina Bed & Breakfast (which I LOOOOOOVED. So adorable! Details on that later this week!) that night and rested up for a bit before heading off to dinner at Carmel's Restaurant and Bar. Adorable little restaurant and the food was DE.LISH.OUS. (yes, spelled wrong on purpose.) More pics and details on Part Two! Come back tomorrow!