Labor Day

Today is labor day. I still find it ironic that labor day grants us a day off work but I'll take it! 

I've spent my relaxing day off with my husband. Grocery shopping, watching old episodes of Veronica Mars off Netflix, and lounging by the pool eating icee's. World, you cannot even begin to fathom just how deep my passion for sugar filled frozen ice. It could be below freezing in Antarctica and I'd still want them. I have a problem. But it's a problem I'm okay with. And probably couldn't get over, even if I wanted to. It's my anti-drug.

ANYwho… I’ve been hard at work editing the pictures from Saturday but what I’m very excited about is the video my husband worked on for the party. It consisted of old photos, new photos, and even recorded video from me & Sarah. While we have a looooooong way to go before we reach the big screen, my Spielberg-wanna-be husband finds much joy out of working on these and hope to make them an integral part of Faces In Focus. It’s a learning process but so far, I think it’s going well. I’m proud of him for all his hard work!

I'll be blogging the photos tomorrow and more from Sarah on Wednesday. Can't wait to share with all my blog reading peeps.

On a slightly unrelated note, I went to a lovely cottage store featuring gorgeous country decor. While browsing through the adorable knick knacks I stumbled across books 4-6 of the Anne of Green Gables series! I currently have books 1-3 so needless to say, I was excited! Unfortunately I can't read book four without re-reading 1-3 so i began that quest today! If you've ever read this series you would understand the awesomeness of this whole paragraph!


\The Anne of Green Gables series books read today by a Burlington photographerG

Thanks for reading! (Pun intended!)