The Other Side of Ariana

I've been battling a cold this week. So far this cold is winning. I may have overdosed on DayQuil and NyQuil a bit but it's allll good. I seriously need some deep deep rest and to stay in a bed for a good 24 hours with some soup and Netflix. In the meantime, however, I worked on a few cool projects. 

I actually got a little arts and craftsy for some of my final packages! After packaging some proofs for a couple clients, I got creative with it and I really like how they turned out! 

Both clients LOVED it so I'm pretty sure this is the way i'll be doing things from now on!

Metal container wrapped with green and black and white swirl ribbon|Burlington NC Family Photographer

The inside is filled with black tissue paper. The photos are wrapped with a green ribbon, and CD's are packaged with my green and black ribbons - both of which I think completely match my brand and logo!

Ribbon-wrapped photos and packaged CDs by Burlington NC Wedding Photographer

Packaging by a North Carolina Lifestyle Photographer

And just to put a little flair, I try to include something small and personal from me. For one client it was rings. For my other client, I decorated the outside of the box with the initials. 

Antique rings given as gift from Faces In Focus Photography

Then they're packaged all neat and pretty on the inside.

Packaging supplies from Michaels and put together by North Carolina Photographer

Final Product packaged by Burlington NC Wedding Photographer

And that's it! My clients have really loved it so far and I plan on working on it until it's absolutely perfect!!

Thanks for reading!