Girls In White Dresses: Social Media and Dayquil

Okay it's official - I'm no longer sick. I'm back to my normal self, and am no longer going through a box of Kleenex a day. And, on that note, it's time for another installment of "Girls In White Dresses: My Favorite Things"!


Don't roll your eyes, but I have to confess - I love Twitter. There are some really awesome people to follow for tons of different reasons. There are people who are great to follow for their humor, others for their tips and tricks, even some who just post awesome deals and specials that are going on! Here are some of my favorite people to follow:

@dealsplus - They constantly post specials and discounts from various sources. I have yet to actually to use one of them yet but I have investigated them and they're usually pretty legit so that's just pure awesomeness.

@snapknot - If you're engaged, they're always posting great photographers. They're not always local to my area but they are photographers with beautiful work.

@jasminestar - She is hilarious. I mean, really she is. 

@SWAraleigh - An awesome invitation designer from Raleigh named Adger. She's a great person to know in general and she does Beautiful work!

@arianawatts_FIF - She is a cool girl. Totally cool and she thinks she hilarious! Oh, wait - that's me! Ummm... follow me on twitter!

2. Dayquil & Nyquil

Simply because I can't live without them when I'm sick. 

3. Michaels

I. Love. Michaels. It's where I get all my creative supplies. Just walking around that store gives me plenty of ideas. I run around in circles finding one thing I like and running across the store to find the ribbon I saw that totally matches now. I'm like a kid in Toys R Us when I'm there!


Those are my favorite things this week. A little lame but I've been sick ok? I can't be too original and unique when I'm sick! I used it all up on my packaging last week... :) 

Thanks for reading!