FAQ : Online Proofing

Since I started this business, do you know what has become the hardest part on the business side of things? Proofing & ordering. I think I made it as complicated as humanly possible!! I was asking for orders by email with nothing but a proofing gallery and order numbers. Money had to be mailed or delivered in person. It was just so overly... complicated! 

But now? Not so much.

I've finally made it easier, with a new online proofing system - http://proofs.facesinfocusphotography.com. All sessions will be posted there with passwords. You'll get reminders every fifteen days or so. Orders can be placed online, paid online, and received at your front door in a matter of 3-4 weeks! If you're local, I've even included an "In-Person Pick Up" option.

Hopefully this will make orders for future (and past) clients a whole lot easier. Which is OBVIOUSLY what I want for everyone. Complicated is soooo last year. :)