Another snow day in Burlington, NC

I love snow. Everything about it. The way it feels when it hits your face. The way it looks after a full night of falling. The way everything sounds muffled and it’s the quietest it will ever be in the middle of the day.

I love snow. And whenever it snows, I’m like a little girl again, running from window to window, jumping up and down.

And I was this ecstatic last weekend when it snowed. Or blizzard-ed. Because for Burlington, it may have well been a blizzard! With 5 inches of snow everywhere you look, it was the perfect Sunday! I simply couldn’t resist putting on Shelby’s fur jacket, forcing my husband to bundle up in double layers, and hopping outside to take lots of pictures! And yes, I really did hop. Like a bunny. Cause I’m cool like that. :)

Brian got a little snap-happy with my camera...

I love this picture... everything is so pretty when covered with snow...

Brian & my footprints.

And Shelby too!

Shelby posed for this one.