A journey... of sorts.

If you’re a photographer, you’ve probably heard about Jasmine Star. She’s the master at branding. I know exactly the type of person she is, and the kind of clients she books. She clearly states that she is “a lifestyle photographer for fabulous people.” Her blog looks like pages straight out of a magazine, her website, the same. And just this week she announced, no, not a book, like normal people. A magazine. She WROTE. A. MAGAZINE. She’s outdid her own self, and everyone is excited. 


I desperately try not to compare myself to other photographers. I want to find my own path, my own style, my own brand, and my own dream. But when I see Jasmine Star, I see a woman who does that so well. And I get stuck on one thing – who am I, exactly? What makes me different? What makes Faces in Focus different from everyone else? I mean sure, in reality I’m new to the business, going on my 2nd official year (3rd if you count the year where I didn’t know which way was up). I don’t compare myself to others, but I don’t see how I stand out either!


I ask myself all the time – who do I appeal to? Who do I want to appeal to? It’s so clearly seen when you look at photographers like J* or Jonas Peterson, or Ryan Brenizer. They know who they want, what they want, and they get it. I sometimes have no idea how to answer, “Who is your ideal client?” Um… someone who likes my work, thinks I’m funny, likes to have fun, and pays me in Sour Patch Kids? I mean WHO AM I?


I guess I’m kind of on a journey right now. That’s what it feels like. I want to make it clear now. I don’t want to stand out amongst local photographers, and I don’t want to be famous. Those aren’t my sole purposes in this business. I want to be me. And I want to book clients who love me for me.


I had lunch with my amazing friend Becki, and she had quite the same questions earlier this year. She went away for a while, traversing the mountains, wrestling bears, and just being free. She came back with a renewed vigor for life and she’s making those changes to be the photographer SHE wants to be.  I’m inspired by her. By Jasmine Star. By people who go after what they want and know Exactly. Who. They. Are.


I’m happy I have my family, my dog, and my photography. Here’s hoping that I’ll stumble upon who I am at the bottom of a bag of Sour Patch Kids or something.