Elon University Engagement | Jonathan & Araceli

He's loved her for as long as he could remember. She was beautiful, smart, and funny, and he loved her. It was eight years in the making, eight years of a friendship that could only grow to be something more. She saw him as a wonderful friend. It was when she realized that he was her best friend that it happened. It's been three years since they've become "something more" to each other and in April, they're going to turn that into forever.

Jonathan & Araceli - you guys are so cute! We're so happy to be documenting this incredible love between you two. We'll be looking forward to your wedding next year! :)

With love,

*Ariana & Brian*


Elon University engagement photography

Bride and groom pose on the Elon campus in Elon North Carolina.

Engagement photography at Elon University

Elon University Engagement Photographer

Wedding photography and videography in Elon, NC

Engagement photography and videography in Elon, NC

Wedding photography and videography at Elon University

Now that winter is creeping closer and closer, the darkness snuck upon us quick, but these two night time images turned out to be two of my favorites from the whole session! 

Wedding photography and videography in Elon, NC