Durham Family Session | The Whole McMinds Family

They are the kind of family that makes everyone feel welcome. The family who makes you feel like you're one of them, and invites you to "Family Game Night" and "Homemade Pizza Night" just because they can. It's been three years since they've had their photos taken, all of them, together. That was why her daughter in law nominated them for our giveaway a few weeks back. Because this family deserved it. You would never know the kind of sadness, pain, and difficulty this family has been through the past few years. All you can see is happy. Simply because, together, that's what they are. Happy.

Thank you so much for letting me be a little part of your family for this day. All of you are absolutely amazing and I can't wait until Family Game Night!!! :)

With Love,

Ariana & Brian

 The McMinds Family pose at Eno Park.

Husband and wife kiss at Eno Park.

Gorgeous Katie smiles for the camera!

The beautiful couple hug by Burlington Wedding Photographer.

The girls in the family by Burlington Photographer.

The boys by Burlington Family Photographer.

Lovely lens flare of the Speckled Kat.

Beautiful smile from Briana at Eno Park.

The foot shot of the family!

Sweet shot of the two cousins.

Silly faces from the kids!

The sisters and sister in laws by Burlington Wedding Photographer.

The McMinds Family - Burlington Wedding Photographer.