Face to Face: How to Plan Your Portrait Session Outfit

This past weekend, Daylights Savings Time ended. I turned the clocks back, hopped on the couch, excited that I'd get an extra hour of sleep. I even went to bed at a reasonable hour to actually ENJOY it. And then... I woke up at 6AM, approximately 1.5 hours sooner than I planned. I mean seriously ya'll? The one year I didn't waste my Daylight Savings Time running around til 2AM, using up that precious hour, and I wake up EARLY?

The irony.

BUT nevertheless I did get a few things accomplished so not all was lost. In fact I edited an entire session from Saturday, and my goodness if these guys didn't look absolutely adorable! Which brings me to my post today (5 points for a seamless segue!) - how to plan for your portrait session!

This video includes some tips about:

  1. Selecting the style for your session.

  2. Finding the right location for your style.

  3. Planning your outfits for any weather.


Now this is our very FIRST video, and we plan on making lots and lots of little tweaks, but we appreciate any comments, or suggestions! And if you have any questions you'd like us to answer, leave them in the comment box below!

Thanks! :)