Keeping up with the Joneses

I saw this on Twitter this week from very talented Seattle Photographer Jennifer Tai.

I thought this was soooo true. There are so many aspects to a photography business. It's a business that's constantly evolving, changing, and growing. And we have to keep up. 

I recently decided to add a few things to the ever-growing business. One of those being Gift Cards! Thanks to a friend (who shall remain nameless) who wanted to do something for another friend as a gift (which is why they are remaining nameless) I got the idea to implement Gift Cards to the list. They just make such great, easy to use, gifts for any occasion. Use them towards sessions, prints, even towards a wedding! What a beautiful way to show someone you care, don't you think? Email me at if you'd like to purchase one for a friend!

Also, we now take cash, check, debit, and credit card for all bookings! I hoped this will make it easier for all my future clients. While it's a somewhat unique process - I use my phone to process the charges - I have done extensive research. It's very safe, I cannot "save" any of your information on my phone. It's a one time charge and your information and credit card is completely protected. I really think this will be beneficial (and safe) for all of my clients. In fact if you want to be sure for yourself, you're welcome to do research on the process yourself:

So, am I keeping up? Maybe, maybe not. But it's all about growing, changing, and evolving. Keeping up with the Joneses. 

Thanks for reading!