Life...among other things.

I popped my knee out yesterday. And it huuuuurt. I mean, drop to the ground, grab my knee and scream for my husband for five minutes kind of hurt.

In that moment I knew... I'm a total crybaby. I mean I'd be TERRIBLE in a crisis. I'll never be one of those people you see on television who saves EVERYONE, then has nightmares about it and breaks down in tears weeks later. Clearly, I expect my life to be a soap opera. But that will NEVER happen! I'd be screaming bloody murder for people to help me while others with worse injuries just whittled away.

Total. Crybaby. And wow, I am a horrible person!

The worst part? I popped out my knee AFTER I made dinner. What an unfortunate timing of events. What a lovely excuse that would have been. "Oh Brian, but my knee hurts! How can you expect me to slave over a hot stove when i can barely stand and there are still tears coming down my face -> insert sad puppy dog face here <-" But no. Terrible timing.

It's all good though. I'm still limping but I WILL survive. (Goodness, Ariana? Again with the soap opera antics?)

So on a business gift certificates will be arriving tomorrow and I can't wait to see how they turned out! I designed them myself and I'm hoping they turn out the way I expect. Next on the list? New business cards! Oh I am on a roll! Hey, want a sneak peek of the project I've been working on for the past month? I know Adger from Sealed With Appeal is dying to see more...but she'll have to wait until our lunch on Saturday! 

Invitations - Raleigh Wedding Photographer Invitations - Raleigh Wedding Photographer

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