Girls In White Dresses: Spring & Zumba

This week has been...wait for it...WARM! NICE! BEAUTIFUL! And I am very happy about it. Mostly because no matter how much I love snow, I do NOT like being cold. Therefore this warm weather has inspired yet another edition of GIWD!

1. Spring

Obviously because it's warm, the flowers are blooming, and it's NOT COLD! (Before you think it - "warm" & "not cold" are totally different!) Even better than that? Wedding season is beginning! My twitter feed and Google Reader will be soon overflowing with weddings from all my favorite photographers and vendors.

I'm also really looking forward to all the engagement sessions and portrait sessions lined up in March & April. Also in April, I'll be second/third shooting for a fellow photographer and I. Can't. Wait!

So yes, Spring makes the list.

2. Zumba

I use to believe i was born to dance. Wait, no, I STILL believe it. I looove to dance. But exercising? Not so much. However, combining dancing & exercising - that's a whole different ball game! I've been going to a Zumba class since December and I love it. I especially love the way I feel and look these days. Serious confidence booster! The funny part about my class is that there's this girl who, from what I've heard, is a cheerleader for the Panthers. She's gorgeous and she's most definitely the best in the class. I actually watch her more than the instructor because she makes it look sooooo much more like dancing. I hope she hasn't noticed!

3. The Panther's Girl

Simply because she makes it look so cool, I'm going to give her her own shout out. And that's all for today! Off to find something fun and interesting for next week!

Thanks for reading!


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