In the eyes of a young man...

A while back I had dinner with some friends and I was so excited because they brought along this little guy:

Josiah - North Carolina Family Photographer

Who gave me reasons to photograph him all. night. long...

Baby Josiah smiling- North Carolina Family Photographer

Baby Josiah's silly face - North Carolina Wedding Photographer

Baby Josiah sticks out his tongue - North Carolina Lifestyle Photographer

And while I don't know what he was thinking...

Josiah plays with water and straw - North Carolina Family Photographer

He dips his hand in cup of water - North Carolina Wedding Photographer

Or what made him laugh...

Josiah laughing - North Carolina Lifestyle Photographer

What I do know is this...

Josiah eating a lemon - North Carolina Family Photographer

He's happy.

Happy Baby! - North Carolina Wedding Photographer

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