FAQ : What Should I Wear?

I remember getting engaged and taking our engagement pics. This essentially involved ransacking my closet trying to find the "perfect outfit." Thankfully, I have a pretty style savvy mother who managed to dress both me and Brian in three adorable outfits. Crisis averted.

Unfortunately, I can't loan out my mom, but I can give some pointers I learned from both her and the world wide web.

1. Be comfortable so you can be confident.

I am by no means camera shy, but I am fully aware that many people are. While I will do my best to make you feel comfortable,I think it is essential that you wear something that you're comforable in. Why? Ever wear that strapless bra with that super cute dress but spent the entire night adjusting? What about those five inch killer stilettos that cut off the blood flow to your pinky toes? Were you feeling confident. Uh. No. 

Bottom line - wear that super cute outfit. But if you know you can't wear five inch heels without going bow-legged or breaking a heel, come up with a backup outfit. 

***Bonus Confidence Tip: Get your makeup/hair done. I know we can do it ourselves but it really goes a looooooong way to make you feel beautiful and confident.***

Dress your best! - Burlington NC Portrait Photographer

2. Complement, don't duplicate!

It's not a requirement to match but it does give a nice flow and feeling of unity to any session. However there are many ways to match. The four year old twin girls look... or the subtle way of complementing each other. I suggest the second one! That means if ladies are puting on that sexy LBD, guys should match the style and wear something dressy as well. Jeans and a t-shirt just don't work with red stilettos and a black dress. On the flip side, sneakers, and boy shorts don't go with that four-piece tux.

You catch my drift.

Color-wise, if you're going to wear the same colors, stick to neutrals. If not, remember to complement - brown and green, black & white, etc. There are a million color combinations. Just try to stick to similar tones.

Complement each other - Burlington NC Family Photographer

3. Know your body.

While I know guys have it easy (you lucky dogs!) we chicas, well, don't. We have to worry about the shoes, the hair, the jewelry AND the outfit. And that's okay because we've been doing it since forever. However, remember to do one thing - know your body.

No matter what you look like, you already know what looks good on you, what your flaws are, and your problem spots. We all have them and hate them. When you get your proofs, that's where you'll look first. So hide them. Avoid your trouble areas and wear clothes that complement your best features. 

Don't wear baggy clothes - they WILL make you look bigger. Black is slimming - so it's usually a good choice. play up your strong suits. Accentuate them and they'll look amazing on camera.

4. Bring extra clothes and accessorize.

An extra outfit or two can't hurt - trust me. You may want a second opinion or to change if we go to a different location. If we sit on the grass, you may get dirty, so an extra dress or pair of pants could really come in handy. I'm a heels girl so by all means wear them. Rock them. But be smart and bring a pair of flats for between locations, or for just walking around.

Also accessorize. Especially if they're great definitions of your love and your personality. I know it's all about the ring (for e-sessions) but scarves, earrings, hats - they make great pops of color and add personality to the picture. Ditto for the guys.

One of my favorite examples below - guess what her name is? And yes it has EVERYTHING to do with the necklace!

Accessorize! - Burlington NC Engagement Photographer

I'll probably do a follow up post for families and such, but this covers the basics. For a few more pointers, feel free to check out this article from Dallas photographer, Stacy Reeves. She knows how to tell it like it is. Or pop me an email below and just ask! I'll do the best I can to help!

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