Girls In White Dresses: Being starstruck and...cups?

I'm not sure how, but this past weekend, I actually forgot it was warm! I'm so used to weekends hiding from the cold that I just forgot to enjoy this weather!

So promptly after I finish typing this week's GIWD post, I may just go outside for at least five. Whole. Minutes. 

Oh's raining. But tomorrow! Carpe diem... or something like that.

1. Jasmine Star on Creative Live

I'm a pretty big fan of J*. I think she's kind of a genius and I'm quite positive that if we met we'd be bff. I mean come on, she's half Puerto Rican like me. Duh. Annyway check out this clip from her Creative Live workshop last year. She mentioned it on her blog the other day and thought it was a pretty great mindset to have. Check it. 

Awesome right? Told ya.

2. My awesome Lens Cup from

This totally random gift from my hubby always makes me smile. It is my favorite cup, like, ever.

Cup from - Burlington NC Wedding PhotographerYou know you want one... :)

Thanks for reading! 


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