Girls in White Dresses: Riding the Apple Train

So I've recently jumped on the Apple train. And i am NEVER getting off. Because I have had four complete days with my new iPad... Darlings, I'm in love. So. In. Love. So this weeks favorite things post is gonna be about... Drum roll... apps and iPad cases of course! Duh.

1. Flipboard

This app is by far my favorite. It's all your social networks in an awesome magazine format. Facebook, Twitter, Google reader - you name it. I just love seeing Facebook that way! No more incessant scrolling (ugh) to catch up on everything you missed while you were at work. Nope, now it's a magazine! Pictures are displayed, article links pre-opened, quotes featured. It truly makes it easier to read Twitter and retweet my favorite #TWIPS articles too. It's a great feature of the iPad and I am sooooo addicted.

2. ToDo List for iPad

I love planners and calendars. But sadly my planner doesn't send digital notifications (because it's paper, unfortunately, and therefore that would be weird.) but now it does and it makes keeping up with tasks so much easier. Truly it does. It prioritizes, categorizes, and color codes with the best of them. It's sort of a dream come true.

3. Evernote

Photographers, this ones for you. At first I didn't get it. It's just notes in a "notebook". And then I went online. Made a folder for Linda's wedding, one for Maggie's, another for leads. Sat down with my iPad and made a log here, attached a contract there, and BAM! An easy to reference collection of everything you need to know for every wedding on the books. Venue links, PDFs of contracts, emails, and so much more. Its actually quite helpful and I think will continue to really come in handy.

My husband found a couple apps he absolutely loves and I may have him do another post for any of my guys reader out there.

Oh yeah, one more thing. I found THE cutest iPad case, as well as a gorgeous laptop bag, perfect for consultations. And they pretty much rock my world. The purse has a million pockets, so there is a section for everything- wallet, jelly beans, Nintendo DS, iPad, jelly beans, keys, cell, jelly beans - you know, the important stuff. And it's spacious enough for my laptop and portfolio, so meeting with clients requires only one bag, not three!

Now those are some pretty great recommendations. However, those of you who've been playing with apps and using Apple long before I did - what do you recommend? What's your favorite app? Leave some recommendations for me below - I'd love to try them!