When the Dogs Bite: It's #Friday Friday!

There are times in life when something happens that makes your life forever changed.

Being Rick Rolled.

Having to hide yo kids, hide yo wife and hide yo husband.

And, of course, the existential problem of figuring out whether to sit in the front seat...or the back.

I have avoided this song all week, while my husband has played every single version, read every tweet, and basically ruined my life.

Wait? You haven't heard? It's Friday. Friday. Gotta get down on Friday. Everybody's looking forward to the weekend!

Oh just watch it.

Things I don't understand about this song:

  • Why is a 13 year old driving?
  • Since when is school so easy that the hardest decision in your life is figuring out whether to sit in the front seat or back seat of your 13 year old friend's convertible?
  • Since when are 13 year olds partying like that?
  • You call that DANCING?!
  • Who allowed this man to rap?! Seriously?

Yeah. Quite possibly the worst song ever. Would my life be better without this song? Probably. Did my husbands chances of surviving until #Friday dwindle significantly. Oh yeah. Is Rebecca Black a remarkably strong person, considering how badly she's been picked on, cyber-bullied, and laughed at? Yes.

So, in conjunction with my Girls in White Dresses posts, I present the first "When The Dogs Bite" post. and since today is indeed Friday, now would be a good time to "get ready for the weekend." Besides, tomorrow is Saturday and Sunday comes after. Didn't ya know?

And yes, I died a little just saying that.

You've just been Rebecca Blacked!


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