Tiny fish... big pond.

Being a photographer is a little like the first day of high school. Oh come on, you remember - tons of people around who are older, wiser, and have this whole high school thing down. And you. In the overly matched outfit, hoping you look a whole lot cooler than you feel. 

whew. Flashbacks. *shiver*

But in all seriousness, it truly is. I am by no means anywhere near "popular" status and I'm lost trying to find my way. So how cool is it that I've met some very cool "seniors' in the photography world. And by very cool, I'm talking funny, kind people who really want you to succeed because, in their words, there are plenty of weddings in the Triad to go around. They're cool enough to invite me to Taco Tuesday nights and not be afraid to be seen with me at social events.

As I embark on this very interesting journey, I hope to learn a lot from these fabulous people. They are simply, well, awesome. And cool enough to talk to the uncool freshmen in the room.

Greensboro Photographers - Burlington NC Wedding Photographer Greensboro Photographers - Burlington NC Wedding PhotographerGreensboro Photographers - Burlington NC Wedding Photographer


***Special shout out to Becki Dickinson Photography, McCardell Photography, Wade Alexander Photography, Logan Jarrard Photography, Vesic Photography, J. Harris Photography, Anna Paschal Photography, & Liz Grogan Photography. You guys rock. Hope to hang with you all again soon!***