{Engaged!} Linda & Kelvin | Duke Garden Engagement Photographer

They had the kind of love that just had to be. The love that keeps returning because it has no choice. After so many years of being together, being apart, and being together, it became clear - they just had to be together.

The proposal itself, however, there was no confusion, no delay there. They found a ring and as she disappeared around the corner, he got her just what she wanted. And at the back of a cruise ship, after a few shed tears, and the revelation of the feelings he had always had, he proposed. And she said yes.

They were meant to be. Bottom line. And now they will be. Thank you Linda & Kelvin for letting me be a part of your love, your happiness. Your engagement session was a blast and I cannot wait until your June wedding! 



Sarah P. Duke Gardens, located in Durham, North Carolina, is always beautiful, even at the beginning of March before spring has totally hit. 

Duke Garden's Engagement

Sarah P. Duke Gardens Engagement Photography

Durham, North Carolina

Sarah P. Duke Gardens in Durham, North Carolina

Engagement session at Duke Gardens

Engagement session in Durham, North Carolina

Durham Wedding Photographer

Durham Engagement Photogrphaer

Duke Gardens Wedding Photographer

Duke Gardens Engagement Photography


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