Girls in White Dresses: Video Games & Purses

I am a girly girl. I love all things cutesy and girly, from Americas Next Top Model to purses to five inch stilettos. But put me in a room with an xBox or a Nintendo DS and suddenly I'm 13 again, trading Pokemon with my little brother in the backseat during a road trip. On any given day I'm guaranteed to have my iPad and DS on me at all times. Some may say I'm a dork, but honestly I'm just cool like that. Best believe it. Yo.

So this weeks favorites go to:

  1. Awesome Proposals:  I saw this video on Lauren Grove's Every Last Detail blog. Apparently it's been floating around twitter and I totally teared up watching it! Clearly I had no choice but to share it with you. Clearly.
  2. Harvest Moon: I LOVE this game, every single version. For you Farmville enthusiasts, this game is a million times better. We're talking farms, animals, love interests, marriage, children - so much better than Farmville. I will never be too old for this game! (Okay, okay stop laughing folks. :-P)
  3. Thirty-One Purses: I love to organize. I mean I really love to organize . These purses just make it soooooo easy! They can be personalized, they're cute, and they can match your other stuff perfectly! If you're ever looking for a local representative, I know a couple fantatic consultants, so feel free to ask!
  4. Nintendo: Theyre coming out with a new Wii (the Wiiii -confusing I know!) and I can't wait to see what it does at E3!
  5. B-Wed Exclusive: Alexandra Beauregard has the cutest blog filled with gorgeous photos, dresses, and my favorite, Tuesday Shoesday! She always shares the cutest trends in all things wedding and I'm always excited to read her new posts. Definitely stop by and check out the gorgeous features she shares!

And that's all! A little girly, a little dorky, but all me! :)